Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another greeting cards

project : celcom (internship)
software: macromedia flash, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop

- a screen shot from flash cards

Layout Design ( website)

software : abode illustrator, adobe photoshop,
macromedia flash, dreamweaver

Character Design

- kerja mengisi mase lapang.. just for fun!!

software: adobe illustrator cs3

Company's Hari Raya greeting cards

- had to create greeting cards for represent my company.

software : macromedia flash cs3.
adobe ilustrator cs3.

adobe photoshop cs3.

Internship portfolio

Company : Billadam Associates
Position : designer ( creative department)
Duties : - create flash cards for mobile.
- create layout design for company website.
- involved in MCMC and celcom project.

Software : Macromedia Flash CS3.
Adobe Illustrator CS3 .
Adobe Photoshop cS3

a screen shot from flash cards:

Naive art posters

- main poster

- 2nd poster

- user manual for users

software: adobe photoshop & adobe illustrator

Digital Media (final year project)

title project
: naive art ( chil
dlike perspective)
project brief
: screen application (installation

a screen design from a differe
nt links..